What is Happening Now

by Little Mary

I have an approved spiritual advisor. I meet with him weekly to share all that happens and he helps me very much. I also receive spiritual advice on a regular basis from Father Robert J. Fox. God and Blessed Mother have chosen many messengers in these times. We are to go forth and speak the truth; it is not easy because many are denying the truth. Mothers do not like to hear that their children come first before luxury. Fathers need to become more responsible as the head of their home. Children do not always want to obey, they would rather do what their friends are doing.

The Blessed Mother has come to light the way, but we must take heed to what she is saying. Her words are nothing new. They are the truth. They are a reflection of the gospel.
1) She wants us to truly believe that her Son is present and alive in the Eucharist.
2) She wants us to spend time in Adoration, adoring our Lord.
3) She wants us to cleanse our soul often, so we receive the grace needed to resist temptation.
4) She wants us to fast and pray for the sins of this world.
5) She wants us to take refuge in Jesus' Sacred Heart and Her Immaculate heart.

She has not come to say "Hey, how ya all doing?" She has come to remind us that we have a soul and that many souls are in danger of withering away.

In high school I took the easy road, and one day my counselor said "Mary, why did you sign up for Independent Reading?" He said "That's for students who are failing, you've got to quit taking the easier road." So, I have to say, it wasn't until 5 years ago that I chose the harder road because I knew it would be best for my soul.

I encourage each of you to share your story, for I promise you, you'll touch hearts. You'll become more of a family if you share what God has done for you. I could tell a story everyday because when you work for God and Blessed Mother, you never become bored. God will use you in ways that you least expect. If God can move mountains, look what God can do for you. In time, more will come to know the Blessed Mother, but the Blessed Mother says it is through our example and how we live the messages that more will come to know Jesus. It is difficult to write all that has happened since the summer of 1994. The main thing is, do what God and Blessed Mother are asking of you. Spend time in prayer and listen to your heart.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions: